WordPress – Is It’s Still The Best CMS Solution Or Not?

On WPcat.net you read constantly about WordPress. We are very excited every time… but why? WordPress as CMS, WordPress why exactly? There are plenty of other CMS systems which do about the same as WordPress. In this article we will elaborate on the benefits of WordPress and we convince you about the fact that you should choose WordPress for your website!

WordPress CMS

WordPress started in 2003 as a CMS (Content Management System) for blogs. WordPress CMS is now the largest CMS system and can be used for much more than just a blog. WordPress as a CMS choosing is a wise choice, even if you want a normal ‘static’ website. Because WordPress is open source (free to download code and modify), this CMS is developed by hundreds of developers around the world. With lots of free themes and plugins you have a wonderful, safe and easy turning website to fit within half an hour, where you and keep full control over … But why choose WordPress as a CMS? First we took two important details before we proceed.


WordPress logo WordPress is open-source free download and you can customize all you want. This makes WordPress so big: developers have created something extra (plugin) and made available for nothing. That “free” flow continued and now there are thousands of plugins and themes for free download. But, make no mistake: open source does not mean free! WordPress as a CMS choosing means you can create a free website with WordPress, but there are also premium (= not free) to download themes and plugins.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Maybe you ever noticed: WordPress.com is a website of WordPress, but also WordPress.org is a WordPress site! What’s up with that? In short (as we wrote here an article about) on WordPress.com, you can sign up for a website hosted by WordPress. You will then get a website as: laarzenblog.wordpress.com. On WordPress.org you can download WordPress, as well as the many free plugins / themes. You are using WordPress as a CMS on both WordPress.com site as a self-hosted WordPress site.

WordPress as CMS; why?

WordPress has a lot of advantages, which we will explain shortly. We’ll no doubt some have been forgotten; this can turn into a comment. Why you should choose WordPress as a CMS? Here the benefits of WordPress in a row … WordPress as CMS; why?

  • WordPress is free to download & use
  • WordPress has existed for over 10 years – will not stop soon
  • Developers around the world are working on WordPress
  • WordPress is a relatively safe CMS
  • It is very user friendly and easy to learn
  • Very easy installation and good support forum
  • Many updates with innovations, new features, security fixes, and more
  • Create a blog, ‘normal’ website, shop or even an intranet; WordPress has no limits.

Why WordPress is a CMS?

A CMS is a system to manage your website. CMS literally means “Content Management System” and because WordPress you an easy way lets you manage the content of your website, WordPress is a CMS. Not just a CMS: in our eyes – and under that of the rest of the WordPress community – the best CMS that is at the moment. Easily create a website you do in the future with WordPress as a CMS!

And what about you?

We are very curious about your opinion regarding WordPress. Do you use WordPress as a CMS for your website, or you have chosen a different CMS? Read more: WordPress as a CMS.