Tips For Creating A Successful Affiliate WordPress Site

Making money with affiliate marketing, how do you now know? What are the do’s and don’ts in launching a WordPress affiliate site, and what is the best niche to begin with? The are all questions that you might come to sit if you want the side of affiliate marketing. To give your answer as well as possible to these questions (and more) you can find an extensive article here. This is all described in the field of affiliate sites and affiliate marketing. You’ll see that with a bit of skill and understanding of the market you are already well into the affiliate business.

What is affiliate marketing?

Let us first look at the concept of affiliate marketing. Many people do have a vague idea, but not everyone can give you a good definition. Affiliate marketing is the term used to describe sites that sell anything itself, but rather to other sites. Which is an affiliate website or shop. Often there are products described on these sites, and if you then click, you are redirected to a web shop. The owner of the affiliate site receives a small amount of compensation. This can happen for each click, but often the product sold must also be purchased through the actual shop.

Affiliate marketing has become big business. It is popular and you start to see more often on the Internet affiliate- or comparison sites. Yet there is a difference between a good and a bad site. It used to be easy to throw just any site online, filling them with the left, and then wait until the money started pouring in. Nowadays you have to deal with it just more professional to be competitive. And, not least, you have to end up high in search engines to make real chance for many visitors. This requires not only patience, but also knowledge in the field of SEO. Want to make a professional affiliate site, you first select the type of site.

Types of affiliate sites

To be successful with an affiliate site, it is important to choose a type of website where you have affinity with itself. There are several types of affiliate sites, so basically there is plenty of choice. Generally can be divided among the sites in the following categories: review websites, affiliate blogs, comparison, deals or discount code websites and affiliate web shops where products from various online shops are promoted.

Review websites

You’re probably familiar with a number of review websites. On these websites you can find product experiences and feedback of users and customers. If you want to know if a product or service is good enough you looking for on the Internet a review on that product. Some review sites specializing in specific products, while others cover a wide range of topics. Begin your new review site, it is wise to start small. If people are looking for something very specific, they soon on your site correctly. When a broad subject is often greater competition.

How do you then earn money? It’s very simple: you write reviews (or cause to have others do who have experience with the product) and if people want to buy the products they click on the affiliate link that you have placed in your article.

Affiliate blog pages

A similar type of affiliate site are the blog websites. The Internet is nowadays full of them. You write a blog on a particular subject and refers them to a shop or other website. The dividing line between review sites and blog sites is sometimes difficult to determine, because often are product experiences on both sites. However, you often see that someone has a personal blog where some items are on products and sometimes articles about other things. Blogs are indeed a great way to manage to develop your writing skills and ideally based on the WordPress content management system.


If you are looking for a new mobile phone, an insurer, washing machine or other major purchase, you go to a comparison site? If so, then you are just like many other Dutch. Before we buy a product, we always want to know if it can be cheaper somewhere else. That’s why you’ll find on the internet a lot of comparison sites. You can think of it is compared with each other so crazy. There various providers can be compared with each other, multiple web sites, or various products. By linking to each product, you are the most versatile comparison. Of course you put a specific alternative in an extra good light. Or you can also make comparison with WordPress? Yes, WordPress is an excellent location for custom applications and thus to set up a comparison site.

Sites for deals or discount codes

What you can do, is start a website where people can find discount codes or daily. This is a good way of affiliate marketing and affiliate networks offer many here also the capability. As an affiliate shop, there are also data feeds available daily specials or discount codes. Launching a discount code or flash sales site is slightly more complex than an affiliate shop, but very interesting for administrators. With affiliate marketing, the rule has “the last cookie. Entering a discount code is usually the final step in the ordering process at a shop. If you have a current list of offers and discount codes, and you will also find an additional well in search engines, create a great opportunity to receive the commission rate on the purchase.

Affiliate sites with products

Maybe you’re familiar with sites where they put trinkets and gadgets in a row. Websites with products developed increasingly in a particular niche, as they are very popular with visitors. And that’s not surprising, because as soon as new gadgets on the market, there are always people who are interested in. Think of it as a kind of shop, but without actually selling the products. These affiliate web shops attract many visitors, and as special products tend to be more expensive, it is a sum for you: higher revenue per product purchased plus many visitors is more profitable for you. An affiliate shop is ideal to set up with WordPress as a base. You do not find a specific WooCommerce plugin to add. With proper premium WordPress theme of your website and example in conjunction with the WP All Import (to import product data feeds), you can create a very professional affiliate shop.

Do’s and don’ts when building an affiliate website

What you mainly have to do

Now that you know what types are affiliate sites, it’s time to look at the tips to build affiliate sites. In other words, what are the do’s and don’ts of affiliate sites? We have put down a handy list for you here that you can fall back if you decide to make your own affiliate site.

Make sure you have a good niche. In other words, choose a product type where you have some knowledge of or affinity with you, and that you know it’s popular and profitable. Here you can get back to doing market research. You can check for example, whether there are competing affiliate websites, or the company where you are linking to is a unique provider and what is your target market and demand. By using the Google Keyword Tool goes a long way.


Secondly, it is very important to address your professional website. This can interpret in your own way, but what is important anyway: Choose a user-friendly content management system (CMS). Once you’ve launched a website, because you do want it to be easy to maintain and that you as a manager have a good overview. Many affiliate marketers opt for the WordPress CMS, because it gives you plenty of options. A striking web design, the ability to import product data feeds, independent and user-friendly management and a high Google listing, it’s all in.

Increase visibility in SE.

To increase visibility in Google (or other search engines) it is important that you write unique texts. If you write a blog that opportunity already big, but also care to see if you manage other types of sites. Blogs can also share it on social channels to hone your findability more. Or thinking about placing links that point to you website with relevant websites or blogs that are in the same industry.


Finally, it is important to share your site in professional and to provide a high-profile web design, but also by maintaining a good link-structure. For example, place your links in a good place in your texts that lead to better conversion. Additionally, it is smart to write additional texts and thereby link to your own site. These texts place up for example on blogs or social media.

What you should not do

Just as there are tips about what you should do, however, there are also things you should avoid. For example it is very waste of time if you just start with affiliate marketing. No studies do is fatal for anyone who want to earn money on marketing, so this also applies to affiliate marketing. No one will find your site.

Duplicated content

One of the common mistakes in the field of affiliate marketing is not write unique texts. This can be very detrimental to your positions in Google. Would you like to write about a particular topic? Describe it in your own words.


Automated backlinks purchase was formerly much done as they went to work with affiliate marketing. A link to your page then landed on all kinds of vague sites were visited by anyone. You can therefore generate better quality links for example to write blogs that are in the same niche. When a well-visited website links to you website or product, it will eventually be conducive to your positions in search engines such as Google.

Great start

One last tip on what not to do: do not start too large. Many people want to make as comprehensive as possible their affiliate site, but often is: the simpler you keep it, the more successful you become. Are you working with a web development agency, set up an action plan and discuss it regularly. In time, you can always expand the website with new functionalities or WordPress plugins.

And further…

Give your affiliate site time

This tip deserves its own paragraph: give your affiliate site over time. If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, it’s unlikely that you’re going to earn a lot. A beautiful website is not necessarily easy to find; you’ll be at the beginning few visitors therefore have little income. If your site is visited gradually more you automatically get a snowball effect and will reap the benefits of affiliate marketing. It’s just a matter of a relatively small investment and then wait for the revenue stream. So stay active in posting articles and not your affiliate site over time.

Choose a good niche

Niche affiliate marketing in addition to the above information, it is obviously very important to choose a good niche if you are going to launch an affiliate site. Not every product type is as popular and not as much searched on the internet. What is the best niche is, is hard to say, but there are certainly a number of popular niches. So many people look at health issues (smoking cessation, diet, food supplements) and sports or hobbies (football, travel, outdoor activities). If you link smart in these niches, then you quite some money.

Think about yourself after which demand. The best tip we can give you is, above all choose a branch where you yourself affinity. This makes writing articles only easier, but gives you probably enough willpower to persevere if you can not be found immediately good.
More advice on affiliate marketing

Do you now feel that you do not have enough information about affiliate marketing and affiliate sites? Please get in touch with an expert affiliate. So someone can help you with making the right choices and the development of a site. With a little help you then also earn money with affiliate marketing. Success!