How to Extend Reading Time on WordPress Posts

Perhaps you’ve already seen: the so-called “reading time” trick, a simple indication of how long on average it will take to read the article. In this article I will explain the pros and cons and I’ll show you how to add the reading time to your WordPress posts.

More and more sites add the reading time (also called Reading Expected Time = ERT) and Braian Cray says that visitors stayed on his site on average 13.7% more after he had added the reading time indication. You’ll probably wonder how the indicator can be made. Not everyone reads the same speed, right? Generally one reads average of 250 words per minute, so although you can not make one indication for everyone, it’s fine to add the reading time to your WordPress posts. Do you have lots of images and other objects that distract, then I would go for about 200 words per minute. It does not extreme off: only in very long articles you have (maybe) minutes sitting next to, but you can easily control yourself. It’s not for nothing that The New York Times, the NRC and, increasingly, books add a read time display of their lyrics.

Add “Read Time” for your WordPress blog

You want to see how long the product before they can click visitors, only then it makes sense. People can then better assess whether they can still read the article (perhaps they have almost gone) and there is also a psychological story. Are you interested, I recommend that you read the article by Braian Cray. Want to add the reading time to WordPress to experience what your visitors think of it yourself, read on!

WordPress plugin ‘Post Reading Time’

There is a WordPress plugin that does the math for you. Install and activate the Post Reading Time plugin. You can download it for free in the Plugin Directory. Did you have difficulty, I recommend you carefully read the following article: Install WordPress plugin. Post Reading Time is a very simple WordPress plugin with a simple settings panel where you can change some data.

Implement Read Time into your theme

The plugin does nothing if you have activated. There is a widget that you can use, settings that you can change (such as number of words per minute) and more. However, the reading time is not displayed for your articles – anything you want, of course. Here we go do something.

 <? Php post_read_time (); ?>

The above code adds the reading time. Place it where you want the code. This code must be placed in a .php file and requires some programming knowledge. You have no idea how this works, read on. create a backup to prevent potential problems.

Go to View »Edit and find the index.php file. Open it and scroll down until you somewhere “category”, “date” or “meta” shows. Since the category, date, and author often called by the .php file. Place where the code post_read_time (); at. Let <? Php?> off the other code without inserted. If you do this wrong, your website does nothing. Do you seek here not understand, then I recommend someone who can.

WordPress reading time text translation

If all went well, it looks (roughly) like this. It depends entirely on where you’ve placed the code exactly. I’ve done this in the index.php file, making it appear under the title. As you can see this in English and perhaps not quite what you want. You can modify the sentence, delete the word minutes adapt to or less minutes. To do this, go to Settings »Post Reading Time. There you can change the text, as the number of words per minute.

The word “minutes” you can not translate here. For this, we will have to edit the .php file of the plugin. Go to Plugins »Edit and select Mail Reading Time plugin. If a plugin update is released, you will need to adjust the text here again.

There are some translations that you probably want to do. If an article is very short, it says in the reading time “Less than a minute”. Use the search function of your browser (Ctrl + F on Windows, CMD + F on Mac) and look for those words. Do not use “or” in your translation, then “breaks” the plugin.

Slightly above the “Less than a minute” meaning you’ll see the word “minute”. Something right it is “s”. Get the “s” off and change “minute” in minutes. Save the plugin and reload the page where the reading time should be shown. If all is well, you should see the correct translation. Now you’ve added a read time display to your WordPress posts. Do you notice that visitors find that fine?

Other WordPress plugins for reading time

There are now more WordPress plugins that add a read time display messages to your WordPress, such as Reading Time WP. The plugin is essentially the same as the other plugin, only Reading Time WP adds the time to read the body of the message instead of the meta-space. Another (free) WordPress plugin that adds the read time display to your articles is Reading Time. The great advantage of this plugin is the fact that a Dutch translation to sit, so you have to do it yourself. Additionally, you can specify in the settings panel where the display should appear – as on archive pages.