How to Deactivate All WordPress Plugins At Once

This post is about how to deactivate all WordPress plugins at once. WordPress is a CMS that is regularly provided with an update. This applies not only to the WordPress CMS, but also for many WordPress plugins. It may be that conflict with each other plugins after an update and to find out which plugins that it is advisable to deactivate all WordPress plugins. In this article I briefly explain how you can easily once deactivate all WordPress plugins.

Deactivate WordPress plugins

You can easily deactivate all WordPress plugins in two ways. The first method is the simplest: through the WordPress admin panel. The second method is slightly more advanced, but nothing to worry about.
WordPress plugins deactivated via WordPress admin panel

Deactivate your plugins from the WordPress admin panel, navigate through the menu links to plugins → Installed plugins. Then select the check mark at the top left of the “Plugins”. Then select “Disable” from the drop-down menu and click Run. All plugins are now inactive, but not deleted. They can now activate one by one to find out which plugins collide.

WordPress plugins disable FTP

There is another method to deactivate all WordPress plugins at once. You will need access to your FTP site. Sign in using an FTP client such as FileZilla and open wp-content folder. Here you’ll see a folder called “plugins”. Change the name of the folder “plugins” for something else, like “pluginsX”. WordPress is now no longer able to find plugins and all the plugins will therefore be deactivated.