Detect or Block Visitors With Adblock (in WordPress)

As a website owner it may be that you are dependent on advertising revenue. The rise of browser plugins like AdBlock than threaten your sales (even if you it yourself probably use ;-). I am not a fan of advertising, but many websites and blogs offer a lot of free information and try to earn some money by placing ads.

Adblock recognize and / or block

With the plugin Ad Blocking Detector can recognize visitors who have installed a AdBlocker. If you really want to you can even “block” so they do not have access to your website as long as they have activated their Adblock. You see this, moreover, increasingly with (free) news; they deny access to people with Adblock either ask them kindly to make an exception for this site. The latter approach is a lot friendlier and a portion of your visitors will be tempted to make an exception for your website.

Chances are at the aggressive approach (Adblock users completely block) that people will leave your website. You’re missing a visitor and the user can not see content. So it is advisable to opt for the friendly approach. The image above (from The Washington Post) is another example of a reasonable approach; gives users a choice: they put their AdBlock off or they fill in their email address.

It is becoming easier to detect Adblock (ers), but the chances are that the majority of Adblock applications also recognize your so-called ‘countermeasure’. Also, many WordPress plugins for Ad Blocking Detection are in the so-called blacklist and are blocked by Adblockers, making your visitors do not suffer from your plugin. Here is fortunately a solution again. is namely the Ad Blocking Detector plug the ability to change the name of the plugin directory. Thus AdBlocker will not recognize the plugin and prevent your Adblock measure.