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3 JavaScript tips for WordPress developers

JavaScript is a programming language used by web developers to build web applications and add interactive features. All major internet browsers support JavaScript, which allows dynamic content to be displayed beautifully on webpages. JavaScript also plays a prominent role in WordPress development. A WordPress developer with an adequate knowledge of JavaScript can build robust, scalable […]

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WordPress – Is It’s Still The Best CMS Solution Or Not?

On you read constantly about WordPress. We are very excited every time… but why? WordPress as CMS, WordPress why exactly? There are plenty of other CMS systems which do about the same as WordPress. In this article we will elaborate on the benefits of WordPress and we convince you about the fact that you […]

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Detect or Block Visitors With Adblock (in WordPress)

As a website owner it may be that you are dependent on advertising revenue. The rise of browser plugins like AdBlock than threaten your sales (even if you it yourself probably use ;-). I am not a fan of advertising, but many websites and blogs offer a lot of free information and try to earn […]

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