3 JavaScript tips for WordPress developers

JavaScript is a programming language used by web developers to build web applications and add interactive features. All major internet browsers support JavaScript, which allows dynamic content to be displayed beautifully on webpages. JavaScript also plays a prominent role in WordPress development. A WordPress developer with an adequate knowledge of JavaScript can build robust, scalable and user-friendly applications. If you want to be a good WordPress developer, it is advisable to deepen in JavaScript. As WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg said in his annual “State of the Word” speech: “Learn JavaScript, deeply.” But how do you start as a WordPress developer with your JavaScript travel? And what aspects of this versatile programming language are the most important to you? We have listed 3 JavaScript tips for WordPress developers.

JavaScript tips for WordPress developers

1. Start with the basics

Before you start with JavaScript, you must be familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS. It’s pretty little fun to go deeper into JavaScript tips if HTML is still abracadabra for you. PHP do not necessarily know you to learn JavaScript. But if you are already used to the functional approach of PHP, you must be aware that JavaScript is a strictly object-oriented language. If you have a little deeper in the concept of JavaScript, then we probably do not have to tell you that JavaScript is not the same as JAVA. For the most important JavaScript basics, visit the Mozilla Developer website.

2. Choose the correct JavaScript framework

The opinions about what is the best JavaScript framework are quite divided. For users already familiar with the MVC framework, Angular.js is recommended; Angular supports the MVC structure and is easy to start with. However, most WordPress developers are usually not familiar with the MVC structure. For them, React is a more suitable option. There are still more options like Vue.js, Ember.js and Meteor.js, but to start with, Angular and React are the best.

3. Determine what you need

Most people do not just learn a new programming language; They do this because they have a certain need. This also applies to learning JavaScript. In WordPress projects you must choose framework and libraries based on your needs. To give an example: Node.js is for developers engaged in server-side programming, React is ideal for developers who are building web applications. However, React is not useful for developing mobile apps.

When it comes to WordPress development, you can split your needs into two categories: backend and frontend. If you are concerned with frontend development, you have different options. If you are a backend developer who already knows PHP, Node.js should not cause any problems.